Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of the community by providing the opportunity for young professionals to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, fellowship, and entrepreneurship necessary to create positive change.


Passion in Action.

Increase and improve the skills of members as individuals, offer lots of opportunity to socialize and network, and develop people as leaders in our communities.


We are a leadership training organization with a hands-on approach. You provide the ideas, and we provide the tools, the knowledge and the manpower to make it happen. You pick your projects and you design them. We help plan it, build it, do it. We are each others' "go to" team to get things done. The Jaycees are whatever you want to make them. 

The Jaycees make people more effective by training them in several disciplines. We teach individuals through classes, socials and competitions, all put together by members. We provide for the community through festivals and charity drives and fundraisers, also designed by members. The projects we run put you in contact with local businesses and government and give you the connections you need to succeed. 

In short, the Jaycees are the organization of choice for young people who want to make the most out of themselves.